What we do:

At The Creative Depot, we create, host, and maintain expertly crafted websites that impress, perform, and deliver results.

We provide end-to-end solutions for your website, including domain management, hosting, design, analytics, and search engine optimization.

The Creative Depot, LLC

Our history

Founded in 2014 as OneLine Media LLC, our company was built to provide small businesses access to professional design and marketing solutions, without the cost of a big agency or in-house marketing team. Throughout the years we’ve worked with small businesses and organizations across the United States and Canada spanning many industries, providing digital and traditional marketing services.

The Creative Depot was born from a culmination of all of the experience, knowledge, and passion that was gained along the way; with a defining focus on the thing that we love doing most: creating beautiful and functional websites. The Creative Depot brings everything that’s needed for a truly great website together under one umbrella while streamlining as much as possible for our clients so that their experience launching their website is easy and stress-free.